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Photograph Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia

Photograph Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia

Cemoro Lawang, East Java, Indonesia

Photograph and blog post by Jeremiah Cooper, U.S.A.

Why is photographing Cemoro Lawang, Indonesia on the Snap Spotz: photographer’s bucket list?

I have never seen a sunrise paint over a village in such a dramatic way as it does with Cemoro Lawang. Due to the surrounding mountains the sunrise only lights up the village one section at a time. Leaving some areas in darkness while others glow with an orange hue. Cemoro Lawang’s backdrop in a cliff dropoff that is filled with low sitting volcanic smoke. Making the area below look like a mist filled ocean.

Cemoro Lawang - Jeremiah Cooper
Cemoro Lawang – Jeremiah Cooper

When is the best time to photograph Cemoro Lawang?

The best time to photograph Cemoro Lawang is at sunrise.

Where is the best spot to photograph Cemoro Lawang

The best spot to photograph Cemoro Lawang is King Kong Hill / Seruni Sunrise Point 2.
If you hike slightly above the 2nd viewpoint you can find spots along the trail so you can have plenty of room to yourself.

If you’re staying in Cemoro Lawang you’ll want to begin your hike at 3 am. You can walk the whole way or be taken to the lowest viewpoint by bike or car. From that viewpoint you can walk or take a horse to the next viewpoint. Any higher than that you have to walk.

Tips or recommendations to photograph Cemoro Lawang

No entry fee. Toilets near the lowest viewpoint. The land is publicly accessible.

Cemoro Lawang (also known as Cemorolawang, Cemora Lawang or Cemara Lawang) is a very small hamlet north-east of Mount Bromo (East Java), Indonesia with the altitude of 2,217 meters above sea level.


Meet the photographer

Jeremiah Cooper | Live Life Extreme

Jeremiah Cooper, U.S.A.
Jeremiah Cooper, U.S.A.

Camera Settings

CameraNikon D600
LensNikkor 28-300
Camera Settings1/8 sec at f/11, ISO 100
Tripod, filters, wireless remoteTripod and timer
Photo editing toolAdobe Lightroom and Photoshop
Resources / Apps for preparationNone

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Snap Spotz pin - Cemoro Lawang - Jeremiah Cooper

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