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Photograph Pai Canyon, Thailand

Photograph Pai Canyon, Thailand

Photograph and blog post by Chelsey Schultz, United States.

Pai Canyon, Unnamed Road, Tambon Thung Yao, Amphoe Pai, Chang Wat Mae Hong Son 58130, Thailand

Why is photographing Pai Canyon on the Snap Spotz photographer’s bucket list?

Pai Canyon is one of the most picturesque places in northern Thailand, located outside of the small, backpacker’s favorite, village of Pai. This location is on the checklist of places to see while in Pai, especially at sunset. The skinny canyons extend for miles into the national park, weaving an unforgettable path for hiking lovers. You can go out just for sunset, or spend the day hiking and end it with this colorful scene.

Pai Canyon - Chelsey Schultz

When is the best time to photograph Pai Canyon?

The best time to photograph Pai Canyon is anytime of the day but especially at sunset.

Where is the best spot to photograph Pai Canyon?

Anywhere in the canyon is lovely to witness the sunset, but the best spot to photograph Pai Canyon is just after you crest the hill from the parking area.

You can take a tour bus, taxi, tuk-tuk, or private transportation to the parking area located just down the hill.

Tips or recommendations to photograph Pai Canyon.

There are toilets near the photo location

The photo location is on public land

Ease of access to photograph Pai Canyon.

Accessibility rating between 1 and 10. 1 being wheelchair accessible, 10 being a difficult (and possibly dangerous) hike requiring rock climbing experience!

Rating = 3

Pai Canyon (Kong Lan), (signposted from the Chiang Mai Rd, approximately 8 km from Pai). Somewhat optimistically described as Pai’s answer to the Grand Canyon, it could more accurately be described as narrow red ridges with steep-sided valleys, both sides filled with pine and dipterocarp forests. The steep 50 m drop either side and stunning views over the surrounding countryside are impressive, but you’ll need to be careful here. The path is extremely narrow in some places and requires a scramble in others. A set of steps up to a viewing platform provides the safest way to admire the scenery and the canyon makes the perfect spot for a sunset. WikiTravel

Meet the photographer

Chelsey Schulz | The Ninja Gypsy

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